Should I write

My heart thinks i should write My mind refuses to agree It claims its blank Blank of sweet words to tell Blank of life to pen down Blank of all the sweet memories that were The heart insists It tells the mind to find something And so the mind finds It finds all but good… Continue reading Should I write

Short Story

Dear son: Know your mum. 

Dear  son, The  other  day  I welcomed  you  into  this  world  with  a  few  essential  things  about  the  world  that  you  ought  to  know  before  you  open  your  eyes  to  it(the  world). I  remember  telling you  of  how  cruel  this  world  you  really  want  to  come to is. I  also  remember  telling  you  that  you… Continue reading Dear son: Know your mum.