Today we kissed. 

Today we kissed

While the birds sang

And the trees danced

We kissed  under  the  moonlight

When the  stars  shone  bright

And  our  souls were  let  free

We  kissed while holding each  other

Carefully  by  the  neck  and  waist

And  we  were  one  centimetre  close

We  kissed  under  that  tree

That  tree  with  many leaves

And  it’s shadow  covered  us

We  kissed  in  the  dark

While  we  held  our  breaths

And  rejoiced  in  the  love  that  we  had.




God is GREAT

Her sad story started with a man. A man that she loved. A man that she trusted. A man who she knew would be the father to her children. But he dissapointed  badly.

‘It took long to recollect’ Brenda Says. 

‘I  can  imagine’

It was on a Friday when the unfortunate happened. Brenda and Brian visited a popular joint in town. That  posh  place  that  men  in  their  school used  to  take  people they love  for  a  drink  or  dinner  or  anything so  long  as  they  are  together that  night. It is CLUB SANTANA. It  was  their  first  date  since  they  officiated  their  relationship, through a  text  of  course.

Club Santana was not far from Brenda’s school. It was the best choice for the two as Brian tried to build trust,  while Brenda tried to catch up with this man she was blessed with. Before they left, Brenda says they had agreed it would not go past midnight. She then sips from her glass. 

‘Did it happen as per the agreement?’ I ask. 

‘Unfortunately not.’

‘We arrived at Santana at around 45 minutes past 9.00p.m. The place was full and so we resorted to seating outside.’

A round table behind the club’s building would  do. The place was cool. And lovely. And  captivating. 

Brian then ordered for drinks. Hard drinks. Brenda says she informed him she doesn’t use hard stuff, but Brian convinced her into taking a sip,  and another sip,  and another one. By the end of it all, she was drunk. Really drunk. 

She then asked to be taken home. That is how she ended up with Brian in bed that night. That is how she ended up crying all night,  moaning and groaning, asking him to stop but he did not. She was drunk and weak. He was strong and horny. He kept on pumping while she just lay on the bed helpless. It  was  just a  week  after  they  met.

She was tortured all night. Being rolled like a ball on that bed. She was turned  and turned. And left to die. It was her first time and she bled all night. Brian did not bother at all. Not even a towel to wipe herself was provided.

 For a moment i stop and imagine the situation. A man,  a strong one. With muscles as huge as the Rock’s and a lady. A young innocent virgin lady. The two in bed. One has a craving for sex, the other one can’t get into the mood. But he forces her anyway. She doesn’t not get wet at all and the more he pumps,  the more she feels the pain. And when he is done,  he just sleeps there, besides her, does not even bother to know how she feels despite all the tears. Mine too are almost dropping so i prevent them with my next question. 

‘Did he use protection? ‘

‘If he did, Joe would be in the toilet right now’

Joe is Brenda’s son. The one she conceived on that Friday night. That day she went clubbing,  with Brian. 

‘Oh!  Does he know his father’

‘Yes he knows that God is his father!’

‘Why did you make such a decision?’

‘It wasn’t easy to make’

‘I understand ,but just tell me.’

Brenda tells me, even after Brian tortured her the whole night,  she still had plans to love him until when she saw her name on the notice board of the school. 



Besides the note,  was another notice that had her picture and name. The whole school was now aware it was her. The cheap girl. But that was not a bother. Her main bother was the HIV POSITIVE part of the note. 

After a month of self denial,  she managed to gather enough courage to visit a medical facility for two things. 

1) She had missed her periods and

2) To confirm her HIV status. 

Both the results read positive. Brendah was expecting. She tried to reach Brian and all she could get fron him was a response of ‘WHO CARES!’

Her parents back at home, received the news of their cjild and did what african parents do in such a situation. They disowned her. 

Brendah was left alone in this cruel world. How did she survive. I ask. 

‘After my parents disowned me, that was the end of me with studies. I resorted to look for means to survive. I would do anything for money. Anything. ‘

That is how one day Brendah found herself on the streets,  at night,  with a mini,  ready for a customer. Her price was the cheapest. 150 per round. 

‘Miracles happen. ‘She says 
On that night that she was to start the whore business,  her first client was a man with a good heart. The man saw how beautiful she was and how weird it was for such a beauty to be out in the streets selling pussy.  
He asked her her story. She opened up. And now he is the father of her two other children. Isn’t God great?. 

Not yet adults. 

She said she was sick. She had a headache. A headache that did not start today but three days ago when we spent a whole night an event in our school. On the eve of the event day,  we spent at my place. Just a  few  metres  from  school.

Am here with her. At the dispensary. It is closed so we have to wait. We have been told that the nurses have gone to have lunch. Before we came here,  she was at my place. The very same place she has spend the night. She did not stay for long before her headache came up. This time round it was severe. I had to think quick. She surely needed help. 

I scroll my contacts and luckily i had not cleared my call log. It still has the contacts of Mike, our motorbike man. Mike is quick to receive the call. I tell him i have an emergency. He should come fast. He comes fast. That is how we found ourselves sitting on these benches. Benches made of concrete. Here at the school’s dispensary waiting for nurses who have forgotten their duties and decided to serve their interests at the expense of service to the students. 

She is leaning on my shoulder as we wait. Thirty minutes pass and still nothing that looks like a nurse has come to our rescue. Not even a syringe is visible. All i can see are drops of tears from her eyes on the ground. She is in pain. She needs urgent help but those that are to help her have ignored their duties. This angers me so i call the director of health with clear instructions. 

‘Tell these nurses that it is their duty to serve us 24hrs a day irregardless of how hungry they are. We have an emergency. ‘

I did not wait for the response from her. I just cut the call. 
One of the nurses appear from nowhere with a  bag. The  way  she  walks, you  can  tell  she  is  those  kinds  of  people  who  have  to  over  filter  their  pics  before  they  post  them  on  Facebook. I  guess that is  exactly why she  has  taken  long. She  was  still  posing  and  updating  status..Feeling  blessed here  eating  with 9 others”.

That  sorta  thing.

She  approaches  us

The nurse instructs her to follow her. I want to be tagged along but am told to remain where i am. So i just sit there watching them  dissapear  into  the  rooms.
Babe comes back from the rooms after thirty minutes. She looks depressed. She is sad but atleast she has stopped crying. Her head problem had been solved. I ask if she has taken the lab tests. She says yes but nothing is wrong with her. She has no malaria. The signs and symptoms indicate that she might be suffering from typhoid but the results refuse to agree. It is like how my results refused to give me an A. 

When i was taking my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams,  i had high hopes of getting an A. Kaimenyi refused to award me with one. I had finished school with that exam but i had not gotten my dream grade. But atleast at that time i had finished examinations concerning life. But then here we are with babe. She tells me she is waiting for results. 
Which results? ‘

‘Pregancy test’

I do not want to dig deep into the test. She might cry her life out. So i just shut up meditating on my next course of action if by good luck the results are positive. Aren’t children a sign of good luck?  I try to convince myself all will be well. Just how happy it will be to break the news to my pals on whatsapp. That am going to be a dad. All sounds well in the mind till when i remember am still a student. That did not bother that much. What made me uneasy is the fact that she was a first year in her first semester. Her parents sent her to school to get education not to get a child. 
She seems to be sharing my thoughts.. 
She asks,  ‘What will i tell my dad? ‘

Oh yeah. I had forgotten about her dad. Her dad that is a soldier in character but a teacher in person. Her dad that can kill you for messing around with his children. Her dad is that dad that will boycott all his duties to come give you a hard tackle that you greatly deserve for being stupid to an extent of sleeping with  her daughter carelessly. 

I look into her eyes. I see fear. I comfort her with words but deep inside am as tensed as she is. 
Swee,  all will be well. ‘

‘I hope so’

The nurse comes out. She calls the both of us. 

You guys,  i want you to relax’ she says. 

‘Daktari.. ‘

‘So you guys, how do you feel?

I quickly respond. ‘Like you  owe  us  some  results.’

Worry  no  more. Its  a  negative.’

Bae looks at mw and smiles. I smile back,  we hug and i whisper something to her. 

Not yet Adults. ‘

We leave to look for a better health facility. 

Because we are in love

Because we are in love

I will scribble all my heart tells me

A story that has never been told

Our story

Me and you

Me and you since the beginning 

Since when we were too shy to say hi

Since those times we used to smile in darkness

Since the times when hugs were an achievement

I will tell them all

Stories of how we started with a no

A NO that was a Yes deep inside

I will write on the walls 

Of how my heart has since improved

From just loving you

To loving you more than you can imagine 

Then i will post on facebook

And tag all our friends

And invite them to our world

A world of me and you

A world that we own

A world that has no rules

Except rule number one

To love you with my all

And you love me with your all

Because that is what built us

We the best and they know it

And i won’t stop saying

For we have beat the challenge of time

And printed love in our hearts

And because we are in love

I will print on the skies. 
the Omienge


I wish he was not African. 

It is 8.00 in the morning. I hear a knock on my door. I rush to open and a young girl with a cute face that I recognize is standing at the door. She has a black bag on her back and she wears a sweet smile. A smile like that which company marketers have when they want you to buy their fake products. By the way, I don’t like them. So I think, maybe she finally landed a marketing job  and  she  thought  I would  promote  her. But she would never do that. She just missed me. But no, she looks wasted. Her cheeks are printed with heavy lines of tears that flowed for a very long time. She is definitely not happy and she isn’t here because she missed me. Something is up, I think. I stand there looking at her. I should be happy for her because she smiles happily but then she is not. She is sad, she is lonely, I guess.

The last time Amanda looked like this is when I threatened her with a break up. I looked straight into her eyes, grabbed her by the neck and then told her to her face…
Amanda, am sorry I have to go’

‘Where are you going’

‘We have to part ways’

‘Wait… You mean…?’

‘Am sorry’

The exact picture I saw five months ago when we had the above conversation is what I was seeing today. She looked desperate and wasted.

Did, I wake you up?’ she asked

‘No! I was up by 6 ‘

‘So early, what were you doing?’

‘Trying to figure out what story I should write for my readers.’

‘Oh. I  was  almost forgetting that  bit  of  your  life. May I?

‘Sure.Come in’

Five minutes passed after we entered the house and still no word had been said by anyone of us. I must admit, when she is not in the right mood, I always lack words to say to her. So I just sit there and stare at her. She is  also  staring, but  not  at  me. She  has  focus  on  a  picture  on  the  wall. 

‘Peter, how much do you love him?’


‘Your dad’ 

‘So much. Why?’ 

‘Me too. I love my father so much.’ 

‘Yes you do. You have told me that severally.’ 

‘Is it the only thing i said about him?’ 

‘No! I remember something like he has several wives.’ 

‘I said all that?’ 

‘You sure did.’ 

‘Well, she  added another one.

Then  she  started  crying.

Am poor at getting people out of their cries. So i just sit there thinking  of my next step while watching her release the pains in her heart. Ten minutes pass. Slowly her tears dry up. She wipes her face then she continues. 
Do you mind if I stay here with you for a while’

‘Of course I do not mind, but do you mind explaining to me what happened? ‘

‘My dad, he threw my family out’

‘You mean the  family  of  your  mum?’


‘Am sorry dear.’

Her phone rings. It’s her dad. She struggles to pick the call but she finally manages. The voice on the other side is weak,  broken , sorry. Her dad cries painfully. He is sorry for the grave mistake he commited. Ousting his first wife and her kids.

Amanda does not know what to say. Her dad asks her to go back home. Her together with her mum. She looks at me and wants to say something but she poses for a while. She cuts the phone then finally says it. 

I have been walking for three days. I have spent the past three days in the cold at night. I have been rejected by my friends. They think am an outcast. They claim he who is chased by the father is not welcome by anyone. Only you has welcomed me. Now the same father that thought his last wife, my other mum who is the same age as me is far much better than us wants me back. He threw us out to give space to his last wife. I love my dad  so  much.’

‘You  sure  do!’

She pauses for a while and continues.

‘...but i just wish he was not african’

I look at her with much sadness and say. 

Amanda, i understand you. You don’t have to go back if you do not wish. You can stay here,  with me. My home will be your home. Come here’

I stretch my arms wide for that hug.